Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to most common questions about Pro-Grow.

As Pro-Grow is made from waste will it contain rubbish?

Absolutely not! Pro-Grow is fully compliant with PAS100 and the Compost Quality Protocol, which means it is only made from source segregated bio-degradable waste (e.g. from gardens and parks) and must pass strict quality tests including tomato plant growth, weed seeds, plastics and stone. These tests are carried out by an independent laboratory.

Is it safe to let children help me in the garden?

Pro-Grow is regularly tested for harmful bacteria but it may contain naturally occurring micro-organisms, some of which may be harmful to health if basic safety precautions are not taken. Wear gloves when using this compost and wash hands immediately after use.

Is Pro-Grow soil conditioner a soil and can I grow seeds directly in it?

No. Pro-Grow soil conditioner is a rich product full of nutrients and may be too concentrated for some plants. Pro-Grow soil conditioner generally needs to be blended with the soil where the plants will grow. It is a conditioner or improver of the quality of the soil, not a soil in itself.

Is Pro-Grow soil conditioner suitable for specialist plants (e.g. ericaceous, low fertility)?

No. Pro-Grow soil conditioner is general purpose compost and therefore is not suitable for specialist plants which may require acidic or low fertility soils. However we are always working on new blends and products to add to our range, so keep an eye on the website.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email us