Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost Bulky Bag - 1 Cubic Metre

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Peat-Free Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost is a careful blend of ingredients designed to provide the perfect growing conditions for a wide range of plants at all ages. It contains plant nutrients as well as added fertilizer which will boost the health of your plants for 6 - 8 weeks. The structure of Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost will encourage healthy root growth and.will retain soil moisture. It will also improve soil fertility, break down heavy clay soils, or add humus to sandy soils if used as an improver.

Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost can be placed directly into hanging baskets, pots, containers, beds and borders. It can be used for development of rooted cuttings and young plants, re-potting, general soil improvement as well as growing vegetables and planting shrubs.

  • Careful blend of peat-free ingredients
  • Provides plant nutrients including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sulphur and other trace nutrients
  • Improves soil fertility, structure and moisture retention
  • Can be used for a wide range of purposes throughout the garden


Bulky bags are transported on a pallet and delivered to your door by a 7.5t lorry. The pallets are unloaded from the lorry using a pallet trolley. If you are purchasing Pro-Grow bulky bags you will need good access for a 7.5t vehicle and please be aware that the pallet trolley cannot travel across un-even surfaces (e.g. gravel). We will try our best to put the bag where you need it but WE MAY ONLY BE ABLE TO DELIVER IT TO THE KERBSIDEBulky bags are delivered within 5 - 7 working days. If you live in a countryside lane please mention on the checkout 'delivery instructions'.

"Excellent product! Good, fine, compost with hardly any debris or twigs, etc. Delivery excellent too, Pro-Grow sorted out the 7.5 tonne lorry necessary for the narrow road where I live. Will use again, as will my friends."
Star Rating 5
"Varied results. I've been using this compost for various potted plants, mostly flowers and veg. It seems to be fairly woody/fibrous/twiggy, and not very high in nutrition for multipurpose, I've had to add some fertiliser and water retention to the mix in some occasions. Also seems to sprout a particular type of toadstool after a few weeks. Adequate but not brilliant."
Star Rating 4
"Good quality product. Delivery arranged/altered at an agreed time. Postage could be less"
Star Rating 5
"Delivered promptly, driver was very helpful in positioning of bulky bag. Now using contents and finding it an excellent product."
Star Rating 5
"Love the product - it has transformed our vegetable plot."
Star Rating 5
"I used both the Soil Conditioner and Multi Purpose and found them to be of a consistent quality and to provide good growing mediums. I pick up bags from the Little Bushy Warren Site where I find the staff to be very helpful. I am also impressed by the cleanliness of site especially in wet weather and when you take into account lorries are regularly using the site and the products being moved. "
Star Rating 5
"I was please with product and delivery for my last order."
Star Rating 5


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Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost Bulky Bag - 1 Cubic Metre
Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost Bulky Bag - 1 Cubic MetrePro-Grow Multi-Purpose Compost Bulky Bag - 1 Cubic MetreVideothumbnail

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