Delivery and Collection Policy

Delivery and Collection Policy

Please read and understand the full Delivery and Collection Policy, and Pro-Grow Terms & Conditions prior to placing your order.

If you have any concerns, please contact us at

For Pro-Grow terms and conditions, which includes delivery terms, please visit 

Pallet Deliveries

Both bulky bags and small* bags are delivered on pallets using either a 7.5T or 18T lorry with a tail lift. The pallets are moved by the delivery driver using a hand manoeuvred pump truck. Products must not be handled or moved by the customer until the pallet is delivered and the pump truck is removed.

We do not deliver with crane offload.

Our standard practice for pallet deliveries is to offload and deliver the items KERBSIDE at the address provided, or if access allows, on a flat and hardstanding driveway. There must be sufficient access to the property (drive or kerbside location) for the 7.5T or 18T delivery vehicle to park and operate the tail lift safely.

Should you require your delivery to be left in a specific place, you must let us know at the point of order. You can add any details regarding delivery, including any concerns about access, into the “delivery instructions” at checkout or email the team directly at

We CAN deliver if:

  • You have an even, smooth and/or hardstanding area
  • There are no obstructions such as trees, narrow lanes etc
  • Your location has enough room to safely accept a 7.5t or 18t lorry
  • Your driveway is clear of obstructions and parked cars - If not, delivery will be made to KERBSIDE

We CAN’T deliver if:

  • The pallet is to be offloaded onto gravel, stone or an uneven surface
  • The pump truck or lorry has to go on a slope
  • There are obstructions such as trees, cables, narrow lanes, farm tracks etc
  • The pallet has to be lifted over a KERB

You will be notified of your delivery date a minimum of two days prior to the delivery, this notification will be sent to the email address you have provided. We will provide a tracking number for you to track your delivery along with contact details for the third party haulier that will be delivering your consignment. On the day of delivery, you may call for an estimated time of arrival (this may be AM or PM only, or could be a two hour window)

If you are not in, or cannot be contacted at the time of delivery, the pallet may be left in a safe place - this may be kerbside. If you need the products to be left in a specific place you must let us know using the “delivery instructions” box at checkout or by emailing

We will charge the customer for the cost of any failed deliveries if the customer does not provide adequate information regarding specific delivery requirements, or if delivery is deemed impossible due to the customer’s failure to read and understand Pro-Grow’s delivery information and restrictions.

All claims for damage must be made within 24hrs of receiving your delivery. Any claims for damaged goods may not be processed outside of this time frame.

*Some small bag deliveries may be made by DHL depending on the quantity ordered.

All Pro-Grow deliveries, including bulky bags and small bags, are delivered using third party hauliers.