Largest Composting Company in the UK!

Largest Composting Company in the UK!

Veolia is now the largest composting company in the UK, helped by its acquisition of six sites at the end of 2014. 

With 14 production sites dotted across the UK we have been historically selling compost in bulk. We have recently started manufacturing a more comprehensive and fit for purpose range of products for the horticultural industry. 

Pro-GrowTM offers a range of products which includes Multi-Purpose Compost, Soil Conditioner, Barkchips, Woodchips and Lawn Conditioner, the key sellers in the industry. All of these products are 100% peat free and manufactured and packed in the UK which is quite unique in an industry still dominated by the use of peat. 

Pro-GrowTM brand has more than 10 year’s market presence in the South of England (primarily Hampshire) with a well-established recognition of quality. Our quality is recognized by Andy Lewis, the head gardener at National Trust Org. He says : "Greatly improves the presentation of the garden and the soil structure is improving all the time."

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13th May 2015

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