Pro-Grow and Wildflower Turf Ltd

Pro-Grow and Wildflower Turf Ltd


“Pro-Grow provides an extra layer of sustainability to our process.” James Hewetson-Brown at Wildflower Turf.

Wildflower Turf Ltd has been growing soil-less turf since 1983, aimed at the sustainable, green market. Therefore, it’s important for them to use environmentally sustainable and local resources. Pro-Grow ticks these boxes for them and provides an extra layer of sustainability to their process.

 Using a local soil conditioner also keeps the haulage costs low, keeping the end product cost margins healthy. But even more than this, Pro-Grow soil conditioner is a product that Wildflower Turf like and use. The consistency of the 10mm grade they prefer is extremely important to them. 

Their turf and roof products are very sensitive to changes, so the consistency is key – any lumps of concrete or wood disrupt the machinery used in the production process, but they can rely on the Pro-Grow soil conditioner. Wildflowers are difficult to establish so the initial growing phase which uses Pro-Grow is crucial.

Wildflowers don’t like too much competition, but because Wildflower Turf can vouch that Pro-Grow is completely weed-free, this isn’t an issue for them.

Wildflower Turf Ltd products have been used across the UK, including some very high-profile locations: at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, athletes’ village, and in the Olympic Park; on the Harry Potter film sets and the Gardeners World Live show, as well as locally at Paultons Park and at the Harold Hillier arboretum. 

17th May 2016

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