Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Veolia Sponsors Garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Veolia is proud to sponsor the Birmingham City Council gardne at Chelsea Flower Show this year.  The garden will feature in the show’s ‘Discovery Zone’ and has been designed to educate, question and explore our environment and the contribution made by volunteers to sustain and improve it. This will be achieved through four key themes: air quality, water conservation, reducing waste and community involvement.

Central to the display is a three meter head, comprised of more than 3000 tubes, which will be drinking water from a disposable cup using a plastic straw. With an estimated 46 billion plastic drinks bottles, 16 billion disposable cups and 36 billion plastic drinking straws being disposed of every year, the garden highlights the concern about micro-plastics in our food chain.

The water that is brought up through the straw is then recycled in to a series of canals that represent the 35 miles that frame the city. The canal pathways will be planted with flora which removes toxins from the environment and which show the beauty and other benefits which they bring.

A giant foot will hover over the display to remind people of the carbon footprint we are leaving on the planet, how this affects our natural open spaces and the benefit those spaces give to our health and well-being.

The main source of air pollution in cities today is through transport. Therefore, the display will also include a road made from recycled tyres and will look at how different plants can be used to remove toxins from the environment. The focus of these plants will be to demonstrate how by using allergy friendly plants, exposure to plants that can trigger allergies and asthma will be reduced.


Well done to Birmingham City Council team of landsdcapers! 

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20th May 2019

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