What is topsoil and where should it be used?

What is topsoil and where should it be used?

What is topsoil and where should it be used?

Topsoil is quite literally what it says on the tin, the top layer of soil where your plants, grass, shrubs, trees and vegetables would grow from. It is usually found between two and twelve inches deep from the surface to the dense subsoil beneath. This upper layer of soil is where most plant roots grow due to the high levels of organic matter and nutrients it contains, and its open and friable structure which allows roots to penetrate easily. 

Natural topsoil is formed from layers of organic matter which have fallen and degraded in a continuous cycle, with added biological activity on the surface and within the soil (worms, insects and microorganisms) to create nutrient rich naturally occuring growing medium.

Pro-Grow topsoil is 100% peat free, sustainable and organic. It is manufactured at various composting sites around the UK which means we can efficiently and cost effectively deliver it directly to customer sites. Our biological engineers have formulated the perfect blend of horticultural sand and Pro-Grow soil conditioner to form an optimal growing medium. The composition of the topsoil forms a sandy loam, the most popular type of topsoil. It is light in colour with a high sand content and screened to 10mm.  Pro-Grow topsoil boasts the ability to provide strong root anchorage, efficient drainage and water retention capabilities during dry weather conditions.

Topsoil is used to create new beds, raised beds and borders in the garden along with covering the ground, building up shallow areas of soil, filling or repairing holes and providing a base for sowing grass seed and laying turf. Topsoil supplied in 0.73m3 bulky bags is the best option for smaller projects. 

Our multipurpose topsoil is also ideal for use in large-scale landscaping and building projects, where it can be supplied by the tonne in loose loads (both UK wide delivery or customer own collection can be accommodated). Tested regularly to meet British Standard BS3882:2015, our topsoil is ready to use in any setting.

Please be aware that our top soil is not suitable for ericaceous plants.


For further information, to buy bulk bags or order in loose loads, please visit https://www.pro-grow.com/shop-all/top-soil/c11-all, email pro-grow@veolia.com or call 0800 072 2369.

Posted by Lucy Jones
20th September 2022

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