New Product Alert! Pro-Grow Lawn Dressing

Our committed product development team are pleased to bring a new lawn top dressing to our product range! 

Pro-Grow Lawn Dressing is a very fine, dry compost created specifically for lawn top dressing. Our top dressing increases organic matter in your lawn to improve aeration and water holding capacity. This means water and air can easily reach the grass roots, and the soil will hold more moisture meaning it’s less likely to dry out in hot weather.

Ideal for top dressing garden turf, bowling greens, parks and many other outdoor spaces and landscaping projects.

Pro-Grow Lawn Dressing has a range of beneficial effects on the soil:

  • Provision of organic matter, improvement of the soil structure and creation of a better root environment for grass;

  • Increased moisture infiltration and drainage in heavy soils;

  • Improved moisture holding capacity in lighter, sandy soils;

  • Provision of a variety of nutrients often reducing the need for fertiliser (slow release Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium & Magnesium, and trace elements like Sulphur and Iron);

  • Increased neutralising value helping to keep soil pH stable;

  • Supplying beneficial bacteria which assist nutrient uptake and help suppress soil borne diseases;

  • Improved resistance to soil compaction and erosion.

Pro-Grow Lawn Dressing is double screened for an extra fine compost that will easily filter through blades of grass.

Only the driest composts are chosen for Pro-Grow Lawn Dressing. A re-closable top cover means you can keep the product dry even if it starts to rain halfway through the job! As a result, this lawn dressing is suitable for spreading by hand or with a mechanical spreader.

Contact the Pro-Grow team today for further details or place your order online HERE

Posted by Lucy Jones
11th October 2023

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