How to make your own bog garden!

How to make your own bog garden!

Increasing Biodiversity in the Garden - Make a bog garden!

A waterlogged section of your garden can be transformed into a bog garden to home wildlife such as newts, toads and frogs. Bees and butterflies will thrive in the surrounding flowers and dragonflies and damselflies will perch on the taller grasses.

Decide on the size that will work best for both you and your garden, research the plants that will surround and sit within the bog garden (tips below!) and get digging. You'll want to create a hole approximately 30cm - 50cm deep and add a pierced liner topped with Pro-Grow Topsoil and the excavated soil. Water the soil using collected rainwater and leave for a week or so before planting up.

Early spring is the best time for creating a bog garden as the roots have time to get established. Be sure to include plants which will give a range of flowers throughout the year. Yellow Iris, Hemp-Agrimony, Marsh Marigold, Snake's-head Fritillary, Water Avens, Purple Loosestrife and Meadowsweet are all moisture loving plants and ideal for this area of your garden.

Once your plants are in, you can surround the edges with Pro-Grow Woodchip Mulch to help with moisture retention.


Posted by Lucy Jones
1st February 2024

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