Soil Health Matters!

Soil Health Matters!

Natually, one of our favourite ways to support wildlife is ensuring healthy soil is within and around the garden. A good tell for healthy soil are earthworms.

Earthworms thrive in soil which is rich with organic matter. They breakdown and recycle the organic matter which helps to naturally fertilise the earth. By doing this, Earthworms increase nutrient availbility for plants and crops, help with areation and drainage and create a more stable soil structure. 


A simple way to add organic matter and encourage Earthworms into your soil, is by adding Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner to existing soil. 

Alternatively you can start your own compost heap using your garden cuttings, fruit and vegetable waste, and an Earthworms favourite - teabags! 



Posted by Lucy Jones
4th March 2024

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