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Pro-Grow, is a fine, Soil Association certified, organic soil conditioner made in Britain that is rich in nutrients and essential trace elements providing plants with an ideal growing medium.

  • Peat free 0mm-10mm soil conditioner
  • British product manufactured from 100% recycled organic material
  • Contains no additives or chemicals
  • Provides natural plant nutrients including: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sulphur
  • Improve soil fertility and moisture retention
  • Breaks down heavy clay soils and humus to sandy soils
  • Suitable for bedding and top dressing on lawns, trees and shrubs as well as on annual and perennial crops.
  • Particularly effective for improving low quality soils where fertility and organic matter have been reduced by long term use of chemical fertilisers.

Pro-Grow soil conditioner produces a much healthier soil, bringing about healthier vegetation and higher growth rates.

It has a range of beneficial effects on the soil:

  • Improved soil structure
  • Improved root environment for plants
  • Improved nutrient uptake and decreased soil borne diseases
  • Increased moisture infiltration and drainage in heavy soils
  • Improved moisture holding capacity in lighter, sandy soils
  • Increased neutralising value helping to keep soil pH stable
  • Improved resistance to soil compaction and erosion
  • Reduced need for fertiliser as it provides a variety of nutrients

Bedding Plants & Vegetables:

Dig a hole and mix in the ratio of 1 spadeful of PRO-GROW™ to 3 spadefuls of soil, place plant in position, fill in with the mixed soil and water immediately.

Trees & Shrubs:

Dig a hole and mix in the ratio of 1 spadeful of PRO-GROW™ with 2 spades of soil, place tree or shrub in position, fill in with the mixed soil and water immediately.


For potting always mix 1 handful of PRO-GROW™ to 3 handfuls of soil or peat.

Seed Beds:

Prepare seed beds and rake 2 spadefuls of PRO-GROW™ per square metre into the top 5-7 cm (2-3") of the soil. Prepare seed trough and seed accordingly before covering with the treated soil.

Soil Conditioning:

Apply 5-7 cm (2-3") of PRO-GROW™ to the surface of the soil and fork into the top 15cm (6") of the soil. Plant seed or flowers as normal.

Safe Handling:

Every effort has been made to ensure this compost contains no germs, sharp fragments, toxins or regenerative plant parts. However, the compost producer cannot guarantee they will never be present. As with all products of this type, wear gloves when handling and wash hands after use. During handling avoid inhaling any dust or water vapour or droplets from it, or ingesting any of it.


This product should be kept in a dry and cool place covered from wind-blown weeds and other contaminants.

loose soil conditioner will be delivered in an attic or 8 wheeler. Our main production sites are:

  • Herriard, Hampshire - RG25 
  • Rainham, Essex - RM13
  • Woodlands - BN8 
"Lovely material. Had 8m3 which was great and at a good price. No foreign objects and would order again 100%"
Star Rating 5
"Ordering was easy and efficient. I had a 5ton bulk load that allows a lorry to get into my drive. Delivery was very prompt as requested - amazingly efficient and very helpful driver. We have used Pro-Grow for a few years and find it acts as a mulch and suppresses weeds. Very happy"
Star Rating 5
"Helpful and friendly staff. Some misunderstanding about whether payment had been received (it had) but sorted out satisfactorily. Good product."
Star Rating 4
"We had a 5ton lorry to do delivery due to narrow location.It was exceptionally easy to order with very helpful staff. We have used the product before and know its value. We plan to use it again!"
Star Rating 4
"Happy with the product. Using it as a mulch in a large garden. Easy to apply and leaves a lovely black finish, keeping the beds looking neat and tidy through winter. Some issues with delivery, but customer services were very helpful and put things right quickly."
Star Rating 4
"I was very pleased with this. Fabulous quality with no clods of anything making it very easy to distribute. Both Giovanna and the delivery driver went out of their way to be helpful and were cheery too! I'd definitely use Pro-grow products again."
Star Rating 5
"Had 8 ton delivered over 10 years ago to improve our heavy clay soil. Best thing we have ever bought. We can now get on our garden 12 months of the year, weather permitting!"
Star Rating 5
"Arrived on time Excellent service and soil was easy to handle being light and dry. I ordered a bit late and some plants had already started to appear, rather than cover them completely or damage them by shovelling it on top I found a wonderful method of dispersing around them using a leaf blower!!! "
Star Rating 5
"Great compost, really helpful staff and quick delivery too"
Star Rating 5
"Very easy site to use. Had no idea could buy pro-grow in bulk till visit to incinerator open day."
Star Rating 5


Pro-Grow soil conditioner bulk
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