The Pro-Grow Journey

From waste to rich organic compost or the Pro-Grow journey...

Ever wondered how we produce compost from garden waste?

Pro-Grow is made using a completely natural process.

We only add water and air in order to create the perfect conditions for the micro-organisms which are naturally present in the material to break down the organic matter and create a really high quality compost product.


Composting circular economy

  • Garden waste is collected by our collection crews
  • Then it is delivered to the composting facilities, where its origin is recorded
  • Any visible contaminants such as plastic, stones and metals are removed
  • The cleaned material is blended with other loads to ensure consistency
  • It is then shredded to reduce the size of larger fractions and ensure good mixing of green and woody materials The shredded material is formed into windrows 100 metres long and up to 3.5 metres high
  • The physical structure and constituent materials of the windrow are crucial in ensuring the conditions for composting are optimised
  • After formation of the windrow and optimisation of conditions the internal temperature of the window rises to at least 70 degrees centigrade and is maintained at that level for a minimum of 48 hours
  • This destroys any viable seeds or plant pathogens within the green waste
  • The windrows are then aerated, turned and mixed every 10-14 days for the next 4 months
  • When fully composted the material is graded according to customer requirements


After it all, we guarantee high quality organic compost that has been continually controlled to ensure we offer the best product to our customers.