Teaming up with Veolia Orchards to get kids growing!

Teaming up with Veolia Orchards to get kids growing!

Teaming up with Veolia Orchards to get kids growing!

We are huge supporters of getting kids outdoors and are so excited to be a part of Veolia's Sustainable Schools new project: Veolia Orchards.

Working with their charity partner, Groundworks, Veolia Orchards is a new scheme to the UK which encourages children to get outdoors, play in and care for nature, learn about growing their own food and how their actions can have positive impacts for our planet.

The project, which went live in October 2022, has seen 500 fruit trees donated to 100 primary and secondary schools in England. Along with the trees, Pro-Grow supplied 200 30L bags of soil conditioner for planting the trees into nutrient rich, healthy soil to support their growth.

Katie from the Veolia Orchards team has said At Veolia, we know the importance of youth and their role in adopting sustainable habits and behaviours for a healthy and happy future. By donating orchards to schools, we’re placing the power of positive change in the hands of the future guardians of our planet.”

Tesco’s have also been involved with the supply of their lovely birdhouses! Made of recycled plastic from banana transport containers, this whole project ticks all the boxes for supporting our environment. 

We can’t wait to see what the Veolia Sustainable Schools programmes do next and would love to see more schools encouraging children to grow their own food and get out into nature!


Posted by Lucy Jones
22nd November 2022

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