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Pro-Grow Woodchip Mulch is ideal to suppress weeds, retain moisture and protect plant roots. It breaks down over time to add organic matter to the soil and improve soil structure. Pro-Grow Woodchip Mulch is a British product gathered from responsible sources in the UK.

Pro-Grow Woodchip Mulch can be used all over the garden for mulching around trees and shrubs and around plants in border areas and flower beds. It will cover around 4m2 when spread at a thickness of 5cm.

  • Suppresses weeds
  • Helps to retain moisture in the soil
  • Protects plants roots
  • Order online and get Pro-Grow delivered to your home. 70L Woodchip Mulch bags are delivered within 5 - 7 working days. In order to give you the best possible value for money, orders of any more than 6 bags will be delivered on a pallet. Pallets are delivered on a 7.5t vehicle and unloaded using a pallet trolley. If you order more than 6 bags then you will need good access for a 7.5t vehicle and please be aware that the pallet trolley cannot travel across un-even surfaces (e.g. gravel). We will try our best to put the pallet where you need it but WE MAY ONLY BE ABLE TO DELIVER IT TO THE KERBSIDE
"I have made two separate orders of wood chip mulch. The first pallet delivered contained a considerable amount of foreign material, examples of which are an innersole, netting, crushed cans, plastic, sweet wrappers, foam. It was very disappointing. The second pallet was of much better quality and I did not come across any rubbish at all.I would award the first pallet 3 stars and the second pallet 5 stars, hence an overall 4 star rating from me."
Star Rating 4


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48 BAGS ONLINE OFFER - Pro-Grow Woodchip Mulch 70Ltr Bag
48 BAGS ONLINE OFFER - Pro-Grow Woodchip Mulch 70Ltr Bag48 BAGS ONLINE OFFER - Pro-Grow Woodchip Mulch 70Ltr BagVideothumbnail

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