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Product Description

The structure of Pro-Grow multi-purpose compost encourages healthy root growth and retains soil moisture. It will improve soil fertility, break down heavy clay soils and add humus to sandy soils if used as a soil improver. Contains a slow release fertiliser to give plants a boost after planting.

This versatile multi-purpose compost is ideal for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, transplanting seedlings, potting up containers & baskets and planting out in the garden.

***IMPORTANT*** - Please check our Delivery Policy before ordering a delivery

Customer Reviews

By AndrewBarrett on 24th May 2020
"Smells,feels and looks good.Time will tell how good the compost is. Pallet truck needs to be more of an offroad type so the delivery guys could do better than leave it kerbside, but in the road!"
Star Rating 4
By GAOakleySmith on 22nd May 2020
"Once I had contacted ProGrow because the original order didn't arrive on the due date, they were very quick to make sure it arrived the next working day. The van driver was particularly helpful in sighting the delivery"
Star Rating 4
By katetomkatfcouk on 18th May 2020
"Good that it is peat free. Delivery fine. A few woody chunks as mentioned in another review. We have room to store bags so I would definitely order in bulk again. much easier than numerous trips to the garden centre even when it is open."
By TimBurr on 14th May 2020
"Nice colour & weight to the compost, although a fair amount of wood bits so you need to pick them out sometimes when potting up small plants. The delivery guys need a better pallet truck that can deal with the outside world - that isn't perfectly flat."
Star Rating 4
By RonBorsato on 13th May 2020
"Good product but many of the bags were ripped when delivered."
Star Rating 4
By IngridBond on 29th April 2020
"Thank you,some little delay due to demand but very happy with our compost. 12 weeks in lockdown means we can now "potter" to our hearts' content with your compost. Thank you"
Star Rating 5
By Bruce Slark on 6th June 2017
"Impression of website It all works very well however it would be great if you could get the Vegan Society to approve your multipurpose compost (which I have been assured is suitable for vegans).There are a lot of us vegan small and medium size growers looking for a reasonable price compost."
Star Rating 5

Key Benefits

  • 100% British and peat-free
  • Environmentally friendly: by buying this product you are helping to reduce the ecological impact and carbon footprint associated with removal of peat from peatlands.
  • Includes added slow release NPK fertilisers, as well as primary and secondary fertilisers naturally present in the compost
  • Great water holding capacity
  • Perfect root environment for plants
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses in the garden, from planting in hanging baskets, to sowing seeds
  • Not suitable for ericaceous plants

Directions for Use

  • Sowing seeds: Fill your pot or tray with Pro-Grow multi-purpose compost to the brim, adding water if dry. Gently press down to give a flat surface. Sow seeds leaving a space around each one. Cover seeds with a thin layer of compost after sowing.
  • Potting up containers & baskets: Fill your containers or baskets with compost leaving room to arrange plants on the surface. Make a hole and position the plant so that the top of the rootball is level with the surface of the compost. Firm down around the plant, water well and top up with more compost leaving a gap below the rim of the pot so that water soaks in. Apply fertilisers after 6 - 8 weeks.
  • Cuttings: Cuttings require a lot of drainage, so mix Pro-Grow multi-purpose compost with perlite or grit.
  • A 50L bag of multi-purpose compost will cover 1m² at a depth of 5cm, or fill 7 hanging baskets (30cm diameter).


***IMPORTANT*** - Please check our Delivery Policy before ordering a delivery

  • Order online and get Pro-Grow delivered to your home. Bags are delivered within 5 - 7 working days. In order to give you the best possible value for money, orders of any more than 5 bags may be delivered on a pallet. Pallets are delivered on a 7.5t or 18t vehicle and unloaded using a pallet trolley. If you order more than 5 bags of Pro-Grow 30L Soil Conditioner then you will need good access for a 7.5t or 18t vehicle. Please advise us if you require a smaller vehicle to deliver your goods (dimensions of a 7.5t vehicle are: full length 30 feet x Width 7.5 feet x Height is variable up to 13 feet). Please be aware that the pallet trolley cannot travel across un-even surfaces (e.g. gravel). We will try our best to put the pallet where you need it but WE MAY ONLY BE ABLE TO DELIVER IT TO THE KERBSIDE. If you have any concerns regarding your delivery, such as vehicle size or if you live in a countryside lane please mention on the checkout 'delivery instructions' or email pro-grow@veolia.com with your delivery address and site access images (visit our privacy policy for further details of how this information may be used).



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