Catherine Slaytor's Garden

Catherine Slaytor, Communications Manager at Veolia, has shared with us pictures of her lovely garden. She said: “Last August 2014, I cleared a border within my garden.  I dug in two bags of Pro- Grow and planted some herbaceous plants that I purchased from The Shrewsbury Flower Show.  I was delighted to see the progress this spring and cant wait to use Pro-Grow in other parts of my garden." 

She also pointed "I am sure that without Pro-Grow that it wouldn't be looking as good as it is." Congratulations Cat for all your effort! It looks gorgeous! We are happy that you chose a high quality of peat free compost which is 100% manufactured in the UK!  

If you also are passionate about gardening and want to share your project with us, send it to It will be a pleasure to share it with other keen gardeners!