The first flowering of your roses has already taken place. To ensure a good second crop of blooms it is important that you “dead-head” all the decaying flowers.  Roses, like the rest of us, need nourishment so when you are dead heading give them a mulch mixture made up of progrow and some compost/manure. Pile it high around the base of the plant and let the rain soak the goodness in.


The conditions are such that two mows a week are often called for. Don’t mow the lawn to an inch of its life but perhaps set the mower on a slightly higher setting every other mow to allow the grass to rejuvenate. If you think rain is in the offing dress the surface with fertiliser to feed the roots. If you have a bare patch, scarify the surface with a hand fork and cover with a blend of pro-grow and compost. Scatter grass seed liberally over the surface and cover with fine wire to prevent Mr Magpie dining on your largesse. Let the new grass establish itself before you mow it.


Soft Cuttings 

The soft cuttings you took earlier are ready to pot on.  Blend a mixture of fine grit and Pro-Grow soil conditioner and pot on the young plantlets and water regularly to keep them happy.

Patio Tubs

Don’t water these in the day time as the sun may bleach the wet leaves but leave watering until the shade of the evening and water at the base of the tubs to ensure maximum effect.



And remember- gardens are to be enjoyed so take out time in the deck chair, pour yourself a glass of Chablis and chill out.

Happy Gardening. 

Robert Hunt - Executive Director at Veolia